Software Development:

Cognat Inc. can develop a wide variety of applications, such as stand-alone software, integration modules for communication between different existing information systems, distributed applications on the Internet …
Cognat Inc. can count on a powerful development team, including analysts and programmers who can develop customized software solutions. Our experience allows us to fully grasp customer needs and achieve the goals set by using the available technology.

Technical Services:

Cognat Inc. offers a wide variety of technical services, such as installation, configuration, upgrades, anti-virus installation, repair of computers and peripherals. These services can be offered via phone, remote support or on-site as required. We can also evaluate the systems used by your company and provide an assessment of the improvements to be made to optimize your information systems.


Cognat Inc. has strong expertise in networking, which enables us to perform the installation and configuration of servers and networks. We support a wide variety of environments, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell, … Our specialists can assess the security of your network and improve it if necessary. We can also supply and install VPN solutions or firewalls and without son-network solutions.
Cognat Inc. can also provide the necessary equipment such as servers, switches, routers … We can also supply and install the wiring, plugs and other parts needed for the establishment of a network.


For over 10 years our team has developed expertise in virtualization. Server consolidation through virtualization optimizes storage capacity and provides the cure for server sprawl. Virtualization optimizes resources through hardware partitioning, giving optimal utilization of the storage capacity, sharing of memory and a better distribution of CPU resources. Making the most of the equipment is essential to maximize investment returns.


• Potential risks to your business
• Potentially obsolete or inadequate IT solutions currently in place
• Wiring, switch, wireless networks, firewall
• Power Protection
• Spam and Virus Protection
• Data protection solutions for backup and disaster recovery
• Comprehensive analysis server, including hardware and software
• Messaging and Unified Communications